WordPress Plugins

Currently there’s a second plugin in the making for WordPress and I’ve just released Jameel’s Dev Tools which is a WordPress plugins focused on developing websites.

Jameel’s Dev Tools

A WordPress Plugin for Developers

Use this plugin if you are a developer working on a website and you want to:

Easily make clean layouts using shortcode: Currently, the plugin features column shortcode which works best with the Bones HTML5 Boilerplate, something I often make use of. Even without this framework, the plugin provides this as a helpful tool for adding columns into your page. It allows you to set different widths for columns within your pages and contains a global default setting that can be changed.

Screenshot of various column layouts using my WordPress Plugin, Jameel's Dev Tools

Hundres of column layouts can be acheived with my WordPress Plugin, Jameel’s Dev Tools

Need to smoothly switch servers? Using the web url shortcode, or as it appears, http://www.codeatlarge.com/wp, this shortcode converts to current website’s home URL it’s php equivalent being <?php echo home_url() ?>. The best part about using this plugin is that the shortcode works in the visual tab allowing you to see images that contain http://www.codeatlarge.com/wp in their source — a feature that can be turned off in the options.

Additionally, if you’ve already placed links and images in your website, you can use the find and replace function to quickly switch out your hard-coded url’s with my http://www.codeatlarge.com/wp shortcode. The features is found under the Link tab in the plugin settings. Using this tool, you can first search for an item and get feedback on how many posts and how many times it occurs. At this point you can choose to finalize the replacement. It only searches in post and page content at the moment.

All of the plugin options are found under Tools Jameel’s Dev Tools.

There are some other features and more are coming soon, but that’s the gist of it. Download my first WordPress Plugin from WordPress.org.

Awesome Instant Search

Awesome instant search creates instant search results on your wordpress site. It integerates into your website using your theme as is, so no nasty, un-styled frames. Currently working on adding autocomplete to the mix.

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